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Michael Menegon


Hi!  I'm Michael,

As with many people the last few years have changed me more than any other span in my life-time.  And since that slumber I have woken up.


I enjoy my own company way more now and understand why some might not.  

I invite the darkness with the same enthusiasm as I do the light and take from that pool when I write music and lyrics. 

I am truly fortunate to be able  to accompany live dancers, write music when the urge strikes me and get to work with a great music producer brillianfish. 


Over the span of my 35 year career, I've had some great opportunities and even won an award.

This is where I could post my artistic CV but in my attempt to get to know you I won't bore you with too much of where I'm from.


Extensive travelling isn't something I 'need' to do unless it involves performing and creating. I have met some great people along my travels who have brought me to Mexico, South America, New York and across the massively beautiful country of Canada.


It was my involvement as director with fFIDA, which I co-founded with Allen Kaeja, and The Junction Arts festival, that introduced me to some great artists. Despite them getting to know me they invited me to perform anyway. That's been cool. Collaboration has been at the root of my creativity. It has taken me beyond my own depricating involvement and opened up a world of opportunities. Lucky me.

Michael Drums.webp

Training and working as a professional contemporary dancer has fully connected me with my musical roots.

 I've been an accompanist at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre for over 35 years.


Singing, writing, performing, and  recording original music.

My writing is motivated by recurring thoughts, unresolved emotion, overwhelming experiences and probably a little problem solving.

I write to reconnect with myself and to connect with others in a way that is non-conforming.  Music has a way of revealing truths without speaking to the listener directly; thus leaving things open for interpretation.

SOM image_edited.jpg

Through my network of artists, I was able to gather some of the best improvisors in Toronto to transform my vision on to the stage.

Together we created Sound of Movement (SOM), a visual, auditory, movement experience that taps into the creative mind of the performers and the audiences.


Lead vocalist and guitar player for the band, 20 Thousand Days.

Being in the moment, clear of thought, pure in reaction and recollection - perform/live!

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